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Why are all prices in US Dollars?

One Chance Snooker Limited is a company set up in Hong Kong. This website was always intended to be global business and therefore the US Dollar, as a global currency, was selected as the currency for all purchases. If any member or potential member has any concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

How do I become a SQ member?

You can either Sign Up from the SQ website or from the SQ App ( which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play). Your email address becomes your SQ membership user-id (for the app and website). Once you enter your details and register you will be taken to the payment page to pay your annual membership fee to become an active member.

NOTE - you will not be active as a member (and will not be able to sign in for the app or the members' area on the website) until your membership fee has been paid and accepted.

How will I know the membership process worked?

Once you have registered your details and paid the $25 annual fee you have become an SQ member for 12 months and will be re-directed to the SQ Dashboard where you will have full access to all the members functions and features on the website. At this stage, if you have paid your membership fee, you will also get access to the SQ app with your email and password.

You will receive a Welcome email from SQ as soon as you click to confirm your registration - even before you complete payment for membership. The email only confirms your registration. You will only be able to sign in to the app and members' area of the website once your annual membership fee has been paid. Contact us on if you don’t receive the welcome email or have problems signing up or paying for your annual membership.

Why is there an annual membership fee?

The membership fee unlocks a wealth of data and value that you cannot currently find anywhere else. As a member you get access to the challenging tests (called ISQ tests), and the routines within them, full access to instructional videos, view leadership boards and performance charts to monitor, track and compare your skills and results against other players, and gain access to the world’s best coaches to improve your game. All this for around $2 per month.

What is the Club Code? What if I am not a member of a Club?

The Club code field allows you to join and compare yourself against others in your own club. For your club, you can ask your club what SQ Club code they are using.  You can even get a group of friends together and create your own club just for fun – and friendly competition. 

Why do you need the details about my date of birth, gender, country etc?

This data is only visible to you and is used to allow you to compare your own SQ to others and to help track your own improvement. The snooker details will allow us to understand more about you as a player. 

Can I "opt out" of displaying my SQ score and details on the SQ Leaderboards?

If you would like to have your SQ and details not displayed on the SQ Leaderboard, please contact us on and we will arrange accordingly.


How do I renew my SQ membership?

Close to the date of your membership expiry (12 months from registration) we will send you a reminder email letting you know your membership will expire soon.  So make sure your email is up to date. We will make it easy for you to renew and to keep your SQ journey continuing.

Can I renew if my membership expiry date has passed?

We get it that sometimes things get missed, so we will hold your membership as “pending renewal” for a few days after your expiry date has lapsed. You will still have full membership access during this period. Your renewal date will always commence on the 12 months anniversary of your registration.


How much does it cost to become a member/renew membership?

Fortunately a lot less than it takes to get a golf club membership! A 12 month SQ membership costs $USD25.00. We will extend SQ into other cuesports in the near future and will likely offer you a discounted multi-game membership approach.

Do you retain my credit card details?

No, we don’t keep any of your personal credit card details on our database.

What happens if I have a problem when paying?

Check your "My SQ Details" page where your payment history is maintained and displayed. If you encounter any problems paying for your SQ membership or buying points please contact us on




How much do SQ points cost?

1 point = $USD1.00, we also offer from time to time discounted special deals when buying points – watch out for our offers !


What can I buy with the SQ points?

You can use points right now to buy ISQ routines to test yourself to achieve your SQ handicap. In the future we will look to provide you the choice to use points to renew your membership, gift points to other members, or even buy more services and products.


Where can I find my points balance ?

You can find your points balance available on the website or the app under “My SQ Account” in the members area.  You can hold up to a maximum of 150 points in your balance.

What happens to my points balance if I don’t renew my membership?

It is not possible to refund any unused points balance should your membership lapse. Please see membership Terms and Conditions.

Can I transfer my points?

Not right now but we are working on it to allow you to transfer points as a gift or even reward to other SQ members.

SQ - Snooker Handicap

What 'Skill Level'?

What level of skill do I need to benefit from the SQ system?

SQs are really designed for every ability level (from beginner to professional), as the range from 0 - 100 will have a score for everyone. As an additional guide however, we would suggest that players should be able to complete the WPBSA Green Ball level certificate or make occasional breaks consisting of a run of 4 balls or more to get the most benefit from the SQ system.

What and How?

What is an SQ, and how do I get one?

An SQ (Snooker Quotient) is your very own snooker handicap score.  You get your SQ by completing 4 ISQ (Individual Snooker Quotient routines) by following the step by step instructions for each ISQ on the SQ App.

Each ISQ routine tests up to 4 different and challenging skill sets.  The skill tests vary based on your SQ Level.

  • Break Building (ISQ1)
  • Cue Ball Control (ISQ2)
  • Long Potting (ISQ3)
  • General Skils (ISQ4)

The SQ system calculates your SQ by taking all your 4 ISQ scores and analysing it against our database and SQ algorithm to calculate your own personal SQ.

Your ISQ videos and scores will be independently assessed for accuracy and validity.  If there are any issues you will be contacted by email.

SQ Score

How is my SQ calculated?

The ISQ scores from your 4 ISQ submissions are used to calculate your SQ handicap.  The ISQ scores are passed through the SQ algorithm to take into account averages and best score attempts depending on ISQs tests, SQ level and also maximum score possible. This calculation is based on the analysis and experience gained from the collection and assessment of over 10 year’s worth of snooker skills testing data.

How will my SQ and ISQ scores be updated after I submit further updated ISQ routines?

The SQ system will replace your previous ISQ tests with your newest submission score once verified. If your latest ISQ test score submitted is higher than your previous score in the ISQ skill, then your overall SQ will now be higher. If your latest submission is lower than the previous test in that skill, then your SQ will be lowered as a result.

Why is my SQ showing as 0.00?

This means that you have not yet successfully completed all the 4 (ISQ) tests you need to generate your official SQ. Once all 4 tests have been submitted, your SQ score will be updated. Please note that the 4 ISQ tests have to be completed at the same level to generate an official SQ. Only when you complete 4 tests at Level 1 OR Level 2 will the SQ be shown. If you have completed all 4 ISQ tests at Level 1 and then start to complete Level 2 tests, your Level 2 SQ will not be updated from 0.00 until all 4 Level 2 ISQ tests have been submitted.

Are there a minimum number of ISQ submissions I need to over a period of time to keep my SQ valid?

You will need to make at least 4 ISQ submission every 24 months to maintain keep your SQ valid. We see this as essential as it is important to demonstrate with any handicap that your skills are current and are accurate when using a relative handicap score. This allows the SQ handicap to maintain its overall integrity and fairness for all members.

ISQ Submissions

Why do I need to pay for every ISQ test submitted?

We charge a small fee (similar in price to a cup of coffee) for every video submitted to cover the cost of independent review, verification and storage. To cover these costs, we charge you the low fee of 5 SQ points (ie USD$5) for an ISQ submission.

How do I capture my ISQ video tests and what equipment will I need?

The SQ app will guide you in how to use your camera on your phone to record your ISQ attempts. You can also view or SQ Guide page to get more help if needed. The SQ app will even show you how many attempts you are allowed and how to complete the ISQ test. The video upload process to our SQ cloud will commence as soon as you stop recording each attempt. After each attempt is completed and the video is uploading, or uploaded, you can record your score in the box underneath the video. You can choose to review your video by clicking on the thumbnail if you feel you need to double check the score before entering. The SQ app will prompt and ask you to capture your ISQ videos in landscape mode on your camera and to turn off orientation/portrait mode on your phone if you are using that feature.

What equipment will I need to capture my SQ?

You will need:

  • A snooker table and snooker balls
  • A cue and chalk
  • A device with the SQ app on it to record each routine attempt
  • A tripod, friend, shelf or some other way of supporting your device to record your videos
  • We suggest pen and paper or a scoreboard to help you record scores accurately before entering them

You can view or SQ Guide page to get more help if needed. 

How long will each ISQ take to record?

The average time to complete an ISQ test s between 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the speed you play and your ability level). Each ISQ test has a set of routines that need to be completed and recorded on your phone/tablet. 

Why is there a time limit to do an ISQ routine of 24 hours?

The intent of limiting the time for each ISQ submission is to seek to create pressure to simulate matchplay conditions. In all our data collection, players only had 5 minutes to practice each routine before they had to complete it. This is not possible to 'police' with the app capture process, so we introduced a limit of 24 hours to try to manage the time you have to practice and prepare between each routine. We feel 24 hours gives you at least one chance to return later, or the next day, if your attempt was interrupted for some reason. If you do not complete your test in 24 hours it will be void and there will be no refund available.

Can I capture my ISQ through a fixed camera rather than the SQ App on my phone?

No. The reason we need all SQ members to submit through the app is to ensure consistency and credibility of the testing process. All our SQ data of over more than 10 years was collected under the pressure of exam test conditions. This was done in an attempt to replicate matchplay conditions for players. To try to prevent test submissions which are the result of many attempts, where players stop and start again if they have a bad score, we use the app to ensure that the videos are submitted one after another, in a set timeframe, once you begin the test. This means there is a consequence if you perform poorly and this puts you under match-like pressure. We want to make sure our SQ community members are able to show their skills under pressure. This is why we only use the SQ app submission process in this way.

Why do I have to wait to 7 days to submit the same ISQ again?

We do this because we want to encourage you to work to improve your Individual Snooker Quotient skills. If we let you submit as many times as you want, this would not encourage you to reflect and work on your weaknesses before your next submission. The goal of the SQ handicap system is to encourage all players to strive to improve. From the combined experience of our global coaching pool, working on your game for at least 1 week between submissions is the best way for you to seek improvement. You can of course submit one of the other three ISQs available to you in that seven-day period.

What if I accidentally end a recording too soon?

ISQ video capture must be a minimum of 20 seconds.  The SQ app will not let you capture and submit a video less than the 20 seconds. If you end the video in under 20 seconds you can then re-submit under the same ISQ submission with no scoring or financial penalty. Any video longer than 20 seconds will be submitted and cannot be deleted. If the video is longer than 20 seconds and has an error proved to be from our system side, you will have the SQ points refunded and you can re-submit again 7 days later for the same ISQ, or use the credited points to submit one of the other three ISQs without waiting for the 7 day submission period.

What happens if someone calls me during a video submission?

If you do not answer there will not be a problem. Answering a phone call will interrupt the video submission process. We suggest you put on ‘do not disturb’ or silent mode on your phone before you start a test.

Is it best I shoot my video in portrait or landscape mode?

It MUST be captured in LANDSCAPE mode and your orientation lock must NOT be engaged. The SQ app will ask you to shift your phone to landscape mode to capture the test and to unlock orientation/portrait mode from your phone if you have that feature turned on.

Should I capture the table overhead, from the side or down the length of the table?

You can choose any of these options to suit you and the layout of your club. However, whatever you choose, we ask that you make sure we can see the baize and all the balls on the table, the 6 pockets and you playing the shots throughout the entire video.

What if I hit the record or finish button by mistake when trying to video an ISQ video?

If you start recording by mistake you can stop the video again within 19 seconds. Any video captured under 20 seconds will not be valid and the app will give you another chance to re-start your video submission.

Can I review my videos if I forget the scores I got on each exercise or attempt?

Yes you can replay your latest ISQ video submissions before submitting for review. You can double check a score before entering as an attempt value by clicking the video thumbnail area in the ISQ test area, or by returning to the app dashboard and selecting "My Recent Videos'.

Can I see a record of my past video submissions?

You can see your most recent video submissions under the My Recent Videos area on the SQ app. Please note this is subject to storage space on your phone. Depending on storage available on your phone the video "thumbnail" picture may not appear. You can still click on the video to review.

Can I see photo and instruction videos of the ISQ routines?

Yes, we provide photos and step-by-step guide videos to help set up the routines as accurately as possible and to ensure all players are doing the same or similar tests.

To see the photos and videos swipe down the ISQ page before entering the video capture page, or click on the “i” the top right-hand corner to display the photo of the table setup.  Swipe the set-up picture to the left to show the full instructional video. These routines are also shown at the bottom of your SQ Dashboard at

Where we show or instruct how balls should be set up close to cushions, you should make sure that these rules are followed for your submission to be considered valid. For balls placed further away from the cushion in open table, with no clear reference beyond the photos, explanations and videos provided, we ask you to do your best with the information given. For balls placed in the open table, we will generally allow balls within ‘one ball’ of the correct position where we see a genuine attempt has been made.

We will not validate ISQ scores where we feel balls have been moved to gain an advantage and your score would not be added to the SQ Leaderboard. We would try to contact you in this instance to explain the reasons.

In our experience, once you have played the routines a few times, the set up will become automatic (but we always recommend you refresh your memory by checking the video and photos – as videos will not be valid if the routine is set up or played incorrectly).


Doesn’t pocket size play a part in how hard/easy it is to improve my SQ?

We are aware that some tables have pockets that are more forgiving. We would suggest that the margins are not huge but will play a part. It is not our intention to have some sort of standard scratch element as in golf, but we will possibly look at adjusting SQs or ISQs if we see clear evidence on the video that pockets may be too large. Our decision on this will be final.

Are the SQ routines enough to make me a better player?

There are 16 SQ skills test exercises over the 4 ISQ routines per SQ Level. You use them to to get an initial assessment that can be compared with other players from all over the world. These exercises will give us, you and your coach an excellent insight into your game’s strengths and weaknesses and where to focus improvement. The same exercises will be used every time you try to improve your SQ in the future. In addition we will soon offer additional training videos from leading players for you to help improve your game. Access to the world’s best coaches is also a great opportunity to support you to become a better player.

How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it or just need to change it?

This can be done from the web or app sign up page before you log in. Select the 'Forgot your Password' link and you can get a reminder or reset your password by entering the email address you used when registering.



SQ - Snooker Quotient

ISQ - Individual Snooker Quotient

  • ISQ 1 (BBSQ) - Break Building Snooker Quotient
  • ISQ 2 (CCSQ) - Cue Ball control Snooker Quotient
  • ISQ 3 (LPSQ) - Long Potting Snooker Quotient
  • ISQ 4 (GSSQ) - General Skills Snooker Quotient

SQ Points - 1 SQ point = US$1.00 (every ISQ test costs 5 SQ points or US$5.00)

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